What Different Anti-aging Treatments are Available in New Zealand?


Fine line and wrinkles are classic signs that you’re getting older. At what age they start to appear and how quickly they advance is largely determined by a number of factors. Genetics, diet and lifestyle choices all have their part to play. So what do you do? Fight the signs of ageing or embrace them and grow old as nature intended?

What causes fine lines and wrinkles?
Fine line and wrinkle formation have been linked to too much time spent in the New Zealand (NZ) sun, your genetics, your environmental choices (health and pollution), your diet and whether you are a smoker or not. Some of these you can control and others like genetics you cannot. Sometimes, it’s just simply down to luck!

As we age, the distribution of collagen and elastin changes and we lose some of these components of our skin. The resulting loss of elasticity and plumpness causes our skin to sag and the wrinkles to appear.

Most common areas for wrinkles to form?
– forehead (frown lines)
– around eyes (commonly called crows feet)

Did you know there are two types of wrinkles?
Firstly, there are dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles only appear when you make an expression e.g. lines at the corners of your mouth when you smile or lines in your forehead when you frown. Secondly, there are static wrinkles. Those ones you’re stuck with whether you laugh or frown!

How can you prevent fine lines and wrinkles appearing naturally?
Hydration is probably the most fundamental treatment for your skin and your whole body. Drink plenty of plain water (not soft drinks or coffee) to help your body flush toxins more easily and assist with your body’s natural defences. Diet is also very important. Eating a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants will assist your body to repair skin damage and fight free radicals. Supplements can be useful only if your diet is lacking in them e.g. a general multi vitamin, omega 3 fish oils, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin CoQ10 are all good for your skin.

Be sun wise and minimise the damage caused by harmful UV rays in New Zealand. Cover up, seek shade and use sun protection lotions if exposure cannot be avoided. Don’t smoke and limit alcohol to greatly improve your chances of avoiding early signs of ageing.

What treatments are available in New Zealand for a more youthful complexion?
So, despite all your natural preventative treatments, you drink litres of water daily, eat healthily (99% of the time!), don’t smoke and limit alcohol but you still get wrinkles!

What are your options?
Option, include creams, lotions and potions, cosmetic surgery or a variety of clinic treatments. Generally cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatments seek to replace the lost collagen and restore a plumpness to your skin thus smoothing out those wrinkles. There are a number of different filler or wrinkle treatments available at clinics around New Zealand.

collagen treatment
botox treatment
microdermabrasion treatment

Carried out by certified professionals these procedures are all considered low risk for complications and after effects.

At Skin Deep Laser Clinic our qualified and experienced staff are here to assist with your collagen treatment. We can offer botox in Wellington to suit your needs and problems areas. Microdermabrasion treatment is less invasive than either botox or collagen. Please contact us via our website www.skindeeplaser.co.nz to make an appointment to discuss your needs and potential anti-aging treatment plan.